Tech Tools: Don’t be a Luddite

10 Free Technologies Every Catholic Charity Must Use

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Brice Sokolowski Catholic Fundraiser

All of us want to be successful when it comes to raising funds, but sometimes we lack the skills and tools to get the results we want. So let’s discuss 10 technology tools that will help get you to where you want to go. Best of all, these tools are free to use.

In today’s 21st century, we are blessed to run funding campaigns in so many different ways, but the best part is that there are many free technologies that allow us to reach thousands of people and therefore have thousands of donors.

By using these tools, you’ll avoid missing your campaign goals and instead build up your funds for lasting success.

Technology helps us bring more visibility to our missions

Before we start asking people for donations, we must first understand the number one reason people aren’t already donating to you: obscurity.

Obscurity means people don’t know who you are or what you do. If people don’t know you, they will not trust you with their money. It’s that simple.

Therefore, to raise more funds, you have to come out of obscurity. Technology helps us do this.

I want you to put aside your assumptions about what technology can do. Instead of looking at social media, the internet, email, online ads, and software as tools for asking people for donations, I recommend taking a more effective approach. I suggest you use these tools to do what they are designed to do: get people’s attention.

When you get people to know who you are — by sharing your story — you connect them with something far more important than a donation request. They connect with your mission, which is the inspiration behind every donation.

Relations matter more than donations

We often think technology is a barrier between people when it comes to genuine relationships. We think that we can’t get to know people online, but that’s not the case. Thanks to the internet, I’ve been able to connect, and later, often meet with people from around the world. I’ve traveled as far as New Zealand after connecting online with a pro-life charity.

When it comes to fundraising, you want to see technology as the gateway for getting you out of obscurity and into people’s lives.

Here are 10 technologies that are completely free to start using and will help you do just that.

(1) Eventbrite – If you are planning an event, this software will do everything you need to invite people, send updates, organize contact details, and collect ticket sales.

(2) Sumo – This website plugin (only available for WordPress sites) will make tracking web statistics easy and help increase overall traffic. By knowing what people are doing on your website, you can get them to come back more frequently. You can also quickly improve how your website tells your story and get them excited about what you do.

(3) Hootsuite – If you don’t have time to do social media every day, you can schedule your posts using Hootsuite and save time. This tool is a great way to keep people updated without having to be in front of your screen every day.

(4) Mailchimp – Email is still king, and you should be sending email updates regularly to your contacts. Mailchimp offers everything you need to design, write, and send emails, and to keep everyone informed, excited, and ready to support you.

(5) PayPal – Online donations are the best way for you to increase funding and keep it sustainable. PayPal offers a trusted and simple way to collect donations, especially recurring ones.

(6) Google Drive – Google provides a suite of tools to keep you organized while you’re on the go. Whether you are writing a grant, organizing donor details, or presenting gift requests, Google Drive has you covered. Plus, you can easily share documents with colleagues.

(7) Canva – This easy to use software allows you to make beautiful designs for all kinds of purposes: flyers, banners, leaflets, social media posts, and cases for support. How you visually present your story is just as important as the words you use.

(8) WordPress – When it comes to building your website, WordPress is the most widely used website builder because it offers everything you need to get started and build your web presence. Plus, when it comes time to change the look and feel of your site, you can easily do that with its library of thousands of templates.

(9) Instagram – This social media platform is currently booming and is the quickest way to attract attention. Some Catholics are getting thousands of followers in just a matter of months. Instagram is the best way to share photos and stories of what your Catholic cause is doing.

(10) Facebook Pages – Facebook is more than just posting photos and updates about yourself. Instead of using your personal page, start a Facebook Page for your Catholic cause and using it as a place to share updates. Use it more to grow awareness rather than just asking for donations.

On the road to more donations

These 10 free (yes, let me say it again, free) technologies offer you the ability to get Catholics’ attention in your community and beyond. Remember, obscurity is your biggest hurdle when it comes to fundraising. If people don’t know you, they won’t donate to you. Every time I work with a Catholic cause on improving their fundraising, we first look at how they’re overcoming obscurity.

If you are looking for more tips on how to fundraise, I recommend downloading my free guide, The 10 Commandments to Catholic Fundraising. If you want even more assistance, you can contact me directly by clicking here.

Question: Which one of these technologies will you start using today? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Brice Sokolowski Catholic Fundraiser

Brice was born and raised Catholic. After enjoying a successful career in technology consulting with Accenture and PriceWaterhouseCoopers in cities across the United States (Dallas, San Francisco, Paris, Abu Dhabi, and London) around the world, he left it to help his Catholic diocese in London, England with a fundraising campaign. The campaign went on to raise over $60 million, the largest sum ever raised for the diocese and in the United Kingdom.

Learning from professional fundraisers, he figured out the basics and then left the diocese to focus on what he loves most: building Catholic charities that change the culture, save lives, and save souls.

Brice currently lives in Texas and travels the world helping Catholics fundraise. This website is where he shares what he is doing and how he is raising funds for Catholic causes and missions. That way you can move more quickly with your next appeal.

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