3 Tips – Writing an End of the Year Appeal Letter

Here’s how I am writing my end of the year appeal letter

Advent is here – we made it!

While this year has been challenging for you and me, Advent reminds us that Jesus is coming – THANK YOU, LORD!

You are likely putting the finishing touches on your end of the year appeal letter.

Here’s how I am writing my end of the year appeal letter, and you might want to try it as well.

3 Tips – Writing an End of the Year Appeal Letter

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Fundraising in Times of Uncertainty

3 steps Catholic apostolates can take to fundraise in times of uncertainty

Uncertainty seems to be around every corner this year.

The pandemic, then the lockdowns, then the suspension of public Masses, then a second wave of panic and lockdowns, and now the confusion around the US election.

Among all of this chaos, is it possible to fundraise?

All of this uncertainty can keep you stuck, especially if you’re worried about making the “right” decision.

I won’t claim to have all the answers (no one does), but I can say this: every campaign I’ve successfully run in the last ten years is because I took these three steps.

It’s all in this week’s article:

How to annoy people when fundraising

... or how NOT to annoy people when asking for a donation

What is the best way NOT to annoy people when asking for donations?

I get asked this question a LOT.

Many people get hung up on this question when they’re starting their apostolate, and I get it!

The last thing you want to do is ANNOY someone.

I can answer this question in two ways. First, you have to look at what annoys people. Then, you look at what does not annoy people.

You should know about essential information, and you’re better off thinking about this BEFORE you start sending appeal letters.

Here’s what I mean:

Recommendations for Picking Catholic Charities to Support

Interview with Compass Catholic Ministries

In this interview, Brice Sokolowski (author of Alms, Your Definitive Guide to the In’s and Out’s of Catholic Fundraising) joins Caitlyn and Diana to discuss how to determine if the charity you want to support is a worthwhile cause and will put your money to good use. No one wants to see their hard-earned money squandered. Brice gives some practical tips so you can make sure your money is used well.

To learn more about the Lepanto Institute and its list of safe Catholic non-profits to support, visit http://www.lepantoinstitute.org


3 new ways Catholic Apostolates should fundraise

Out with the old and in with the new - Three ways Catholic apostolates can raise more funds

This week, I want to pose you a question: if we were having a cup of coffee together and had a few minutes to talk (and you wanted me to donate), how would you ask me?

I get asked lots of questions about what are the best ways to fundraise. I have noticed that some approaches are more productive questions than others.

Here is the reality.

Some ways of fundraising just don’t work anymore. On the other hand, there are some NEW ways of fundraising that work INCREDIBLY WELL.

The way you ask someone for a donation can make a huge difference in your apostolate. Here is what I mean: