How to balance Mission and Fundraising (reflections in a Texas Freeze and Blackout)

Also, if you need assistance in Austin, Texas, please read below.

As you’ve heard, Texas is experiencing unprecedented freezing weather and power outages. Like many of my fellow Texans, I’ve been without water or electricity – sometimes days.

Praise be to God; my family was prepared for these events.

With that said, assisting neighbors has been the silver lining during these trials.

Serving people reminds us why we are Catholic.

I am confident that helping people is why you launched your apostolate.

But when you fundraise, you naturally have to focus on your apostolate’s needs rather than your neighbor’s.

So, where is the balance between focusing on your needs (organizing fundraising campaigns to do MORE with your apostolate) and staying glued to your mission (serving others as Christ wants you)?

Here is my suggestion of where that balance should be:



The Basics of Fundraising

As you raise more funds, there's a point when you CANNOT forget the basics.

Engaging with your apostolate’s community can be easy when you are starting out. You have time for conversations with everyone (donors and non-donors) and replying to every email and message.

As your apostolate grows, though, it can become harder to “keep up” with everyone. You have to find new ways to be available and stay focused on the mission – without having to spend the entire day stuck in your email’s inbox! (maybe you are now?!)

It sounds counterintuitive, but I realized that as you raise more funds, there’s a point when you CANNOT forget the basics.

Here’s what I mean:

“Why is it so hard to ask for donations?” – Mystery solved

Here is my answer to the greatest mystery in fundraising

Putting together a great fundraising campaign means knowing how to ask for donations. 

However, you are likely asking:

Why is it SOOOOOO hard to ask for donations?

The answer to this question would change your apostolate forever, would you agree?

So that’s what I did this week. I debunked the mystery as to why it’s so hard to ask for donations. Check it out:

St Bernard’s Advice – How to Run a Catholic Apostolate

You and I both know how successful St Bernard of Clairvaux was in doing the will of God – founded numerous monasteries, composed many written works, advised Popes, and helped reform the Benedictine order.

Today, he is a household name among Catholics.

He also offered wisdom to anyone wanting to launch an apostolate.

This advice is especially pertinent to anyone wanted to run an apostolate and fundraise. Check it out:

Top Recommended Fundraising Goals for 2021

What Catholics should focus on when fundraising to hit the ground running

I have a friend who is launching a Catholic apostolate and wants to raise funds. But he’s hit a “small” stumbling block…

He’s never asked for donations, and he has ZERO donors.

He asked what I suggested so he can start fundraising in the New Year and raise funds fast. Here’s what I suggested he do:

My top fundraising recommendations for 2021

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