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Looking to fundraise from scratch? Looking to update an existing campaign? 

The free guide, The 10 Commandments of Catholic Fundraising: Ten Practical Steps Every Catholic Should Follow to Attract Donors, Raise Funds, and Move the Mission Forward, is just for you.  

This guide contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious best practices of fundraising in a Catholic context. Think of this guide as your key to asking for donations at any level and for any Catholic cause and getting people to say 'YES'.  

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Who should download this guide? This free guide is ideal if you raising funds for a parish, religious community, school/university, and social action cause because it uses Catholic Social Teaching, Sacred Scripture, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church as its source. 

These Catholic documents are the foundation of our faith, and therefore they should be the foundation for our fundraising, wouldn't you agree?

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Which do you need help with? serves dedicated Catholics —people just like you—get the confidence, plan, and tools you need to reach your fundraising goals. Download the free guide to help you plan, structure, and move forward.

Religious Order

Discover how you can raise funds without disrupting your liturgical hours, devotions and celebrations, and bringing people closer to Our God.

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Parish or Diocese

Learn what it takes to have a successful capital campaign and planned giving drive, helping your parish stay vibrant in your community.

School or Lay Apostolate

Get the skills, tools, and knowledge for running a successful fundraising campaign to support your Catholic cause.


Discover how to stop drifting and take action with the big plans and impact that Our Blessed Lord is calling you to lead. The time is now.

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Learn to Fundraise has everything you ever wanted to know about where to find donors, what to say, and how to ask for large donations.

With the help of Catholic fundraisers around the world, you will find hundreds of articles on this website, earning its spot as the source for helping you reach your fundraising goals. 


About Brice Sokolowski

Hi, I am a passionate Catholic who helps Catholic causes fundraise. How did get started? I quit my international and prominent career in consulting to pursue a Masters in Theology and then help Catholic causes raise money. 

Today I teach religious orders, social impact projects, missions, parishes, schools, universities, enclosed monks, and lay Catholics the correct steps for building a highly successful fundraising campaign. 

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I am always delighted to hear about the exciting projects Catholics are doing.  

Send me a message directly about what great work you are doing and how I can help you move forward with your fundraising. I'd be happy to offer you some recommendations. 

Getting Started

Are you just starting with your fundraising? I remember how scary my first campaign was. 

I found that by moving away from what secular fundraising is doing and into a Catholic approach, you can bypass the feelings of being overwhelned and thoughts of self-doubt.